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i.php: Zenphoto image processor

All *uncached* image requests go through this file (As of 1.0.8 images are requested directly from the cache if they exist) ****************************************************************************** URI Parameters: s - size (logical): Based on config, makes an image of "size s." h - height (explicit): Image will be resized to h pixels high, w is calculated. w - width (explicit): Image will resized to w pixels wide, h is calculated. cw - crop width: crops the image to cw pixels wide. ch - crop height: crops the image to ch pixels high. cx - crop x position: the x (horizontal) position of the crop area. cy - crop y position: the y (vertical) position of the crop area. q - JPEG quality (1-100): sets the quality of the resulting image. t - Set for custom images if used as thumbs. wmk - the watermark image to overlay gray - grayscale the image admin - request is from the back-end

Cropping is performed on the original image before resizing is done.

  • cx and cy are measured from the top-left corner of the image.
  • One of s, h, or w _must_ be specified; the others are optional.
  • If more than one of s, h, or w are specified, s takes priority, then w+h:
  • If none of s, h, or w are specified, the original image is returned.

require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/functions-basic.php') [line 35]
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require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/functions-image.php') [line 36]
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