Sorry for the inconvenience but we had to release Zenphoto which is an update to

It corrects the check_for_update plugin so that it does not improperly report that there is a newer release and prevents lowercasing the default database handler name. 

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. For more detailed info about the fixes please review the GitHub issues list.


This plugin will intercept the load process and force references to the index page to the the single album of the installation.


Zenphoto is a bugfix release. Multiple minor errors are corrected.

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. For more detailed info about the fixes please review the GitHub issues list.

Extension section cleanup January 2013

Once again we did cleanup our listed third party extensions. One or two we could update but ten are apparently abandoned because the sites are generally not acessible anymore. 

You can review those ten plugins here:

If you are the author of one of these plugins and still provide it somehow let us know on the forum so we can update the entries. Otherwise we will delete their entries sometime later.


A plugin that shows a magnified picture whenever the mouse stops over an image thumbnail, in album and (or) search results pages.


The plugin provides two services:

  • IP address filtering
  • Detection of password probing attempts

IP address filtering:

Allows/Denies access to the gallery to specified IP address ranges. Detects repeated failed login attempts and blocks access to the IP address used in these attempts.

This does not block access to validated users, only anonymous visitors. But a user will have to log on via the admin pages if out of the IP ranges as he will get a Forbidden error on any front-end page including a logon form

Password probing:

Hackers often use probing or password guessing to attempt to breach your site This plugin can help to throttle these attacks. It works by monitoring failed logon attempts. If a defined threashold is exceeded by requests from a particular IP address, further access attempts from that IP accress will be ignored until a timeout (...)


reCaptcha handler (

This plugin lets you select from one of Google's reCaptcha themes (Red, White, Black Glass, or Clean) or from a custom reCaptcha theme such as the lt-blue theme included.

The lt-blue theme is intended as an example of how to create a custom theme. You can create themes and place them in the plugins/reCpatcha folder. The folder name will be the theme name. The only required file is reCaptcha.html but you can include other items like images, etc. in the folder.

Your custom reCaptcha.html will be processed at runtime making substitutions of the followng "definitions":

  • __GETHELP__ => localized text for "Help"
  • __GETIMAGE__ => localized text for "Get an image CAPTCHA"
  • __GETAUDIO__ => localized text for "Get an audio CAPTCHA"
  • __RELOAD__ => localized text for "Get another CAPTCHA"
  • __WORDS__ => localized text for (...)


Allows registered users to select and manage "favorite" Zenphoto objects. Currently just images & albums are supported.

Note: If the multi mode option is enabled there may be multiple instances of a user's favorites.
When an object is added to favorites, an identifier maybe specified. (The Add buttons will include a text field for the name of the instance.) If specified that is the "name" of the favorites instance that will contain the object.
If the name is left empty the object will be added to the un-named favorite instance.

Note: If the tag_suggest plugin is enabled there will be suggestions made for the text field much like the "tag suggestions" for searching.

If an object is contained in multiple favorites there will be multiple remove buttons.
The button will have the favoirtes instance name appended if not the un-named favorites.

printFavoriresURL() will print links to each defined favorites instance.



This is a shell plugin for legacy external SPAM filters.

The plugin will load the spam filter defined by the spam_filter option if it is found in the plugins/spamfilter folder. This allows older third-party spam filters to continue to be used.


Inserts or removes the qualifiers from the version file so that the install is switched between a "debug" release and a normal release.