Zenphoto Plugin Architecture

As from the 1.2 release Zenphoto contains an implementation of "plugins" so that the functionality of the product can be extended without "bloating" the core code. Only users of the plugin will require the resources it uses. This article describes the architecture of Zenphoto plugins. Plugins may come with the Zenphoto distribution or may be available for download from third party developers.

We have provided some example plugins to help with your understanding. Note that these plugins are not formally supported by the Zenphoto team.

Categories of plugins

There are three categories of plugins implemented in Zenphoto. The category you most likely will experience is plugins that extend the functionality of themes. These are Template Plugins and Filters.

  1. Template Plugins add optional functions to the repertoire of capabilities available to theme designers. Examples of this (...)

Older versions archive

Here you can download older versions of Zenphoto. The latest official release can be downloaded from the download page or our GitHub releases page. There you also find all newer release from 1.4.4 onwards.

The most recent development build can be downloaded from the GitHub development page.
(there's also a link for the development build called [version] Support build (GitHub) on the download page)

Generally we recommend to only use the latest as we are only able to provide minimal support for older versions.


Security reports that do not make sense

Probably some of you reading on Twitter have seen quite numerous (re)tweets about security issues in Zenphoto. We are little upset about the way these sites act so we feel forced to comment on these now.

There is a website that purports to be a security advisory site: High-TechBridge. But from some recent postings one really has to question what their real purpose is. If you look at their site you will see lots of claimed vulnerabilities they have discovered. Look also at the services they advertise. If the other developers experience is anything like Zenphoto's you will really have to question their motives. Especially when you consider that the site originally posts these as "preliminary" saying that they have contacted the developer ("Vendor notification: 07 April 2011"). Which they never did.

High-Tech Bridge HTB22945 reports a generic problem with (...)


This is plugin for display pictures on a Google Map Uses : now Zenphoto only!

zp-to-wp-imageOur main website was driven by several systems since the release of Zenphoto 1.1 in 2007:

  • Wordpress for news, extensions and user-guide sections
  • Zenphoto itself of course for the showcase, themes and screenshots sections
  • trac for the bugtracker
  • bbpress for the forum

Zenphoto evolved greatly since then and is now able to take over the Wordpress parts itself.

Yes, your read correctly. We have indeed abandoned Wordpress! Against the trends! It's not that we don't like Wordpress anymore. We do. Really. But you probably can agree with us that we like to run our own site with our own product as much as possible. This also is a great showcase for Zenphoto being more than "just a web gallery". We found this an overdue step.

The site now uses our own CMS plugin Zenpage and the import was done using our Wordpress import utility. The theme for the site includes a quite a bit of custom theme coding.

Of course the site is not really Zenphoto only as the forum and bugtracker will be kept (...)


Plugin to use highlighter GeSHi PHP on Zenpage pages and articles.


Installs and configures Zenphoto 1.3. from a public repository on github including a proper vhost for your Apache webserver. Please note that you still need to run setup.php within your browser to finish the installation process of Zenphoto.

zenHttpbl (HTTP Blacklist)

zenHttpbl is a spambot/harvester blocking tool. zenHttpbl is a Zenphoto plug-in implementation of Project Honey Pot's HTTP:BL system

Support changes - Forum to be closed

Note: Of course this is our traditional April Fools joke for this year we simply can't resist to do...;-) Although the Twitter account is indeed real it probably will not be that much used.

The Zenphoto team is pleased to announce a change in focus for our support efforts.

We will discontinue using the bbpress based and move all support to an new Twitter account. We believe this will better serve both our users and developers.

The support forum was plagued by lengthy postings including such unnecessary information as the Poster's Zenphoto version and Theme. Moving to Twitter will ensure that posts contain only 140 characters and encourage people to be brief. Messages such as “my installation does not work. Please help me.” Are much more efficient than ones that spell out in gruesome detail exactly what the (...)

Tickets and tickets comments now moderated on the bugtracker

Because of heavy spamming on the bugtracker ticket system we have now enabled moderation of tickets and ticket comments.

Please don't double post if your new ticket or ticket comment does not appear automatically after submitting.