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Thank you for considering to advertise on This will help us to continue development of Zenphoto. Here you will find information about how to advertise.

Advertisement categories

Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 450 EUR / month
  • Half year: 425 EUR / month*
  • Year: 405 EUR / month*


  • 275x130px
  • One ad per line
  • Maximum of two ads in this category
  • Location: Sidebar of each page incl. forum sidebar
Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 250 EUR / month
  • Half year: 235 EUR / month*
  • Year: 225 EUR / month*


  • 560x130px
  • One ad per line
  • Unlimited ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 160 EUR / month
  • Half year: 150 EUR / month*
  • Year: 140 EUR / month*


  • 270x130px
  • Two ads per line
  • Unlimited ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 100 EUR / month
  • Half year: 92 EUR / month*
  • Year: 90 EUR / month*


  • 125x130px
  • Four ads per line
  • Unlimited ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
Subscription rates
  • Monthly: 70 EUR / month
  • Half year: 65 EUR / month*
  • Year: 60 EUR / month*



If you like to advertise in more than one category we can offer individual bundle prices. Please contact us.

*subscription rate payable in advance

Please review our Advertising Terms Of Service before contacting us.

Please don't transfer any payment before receiving approval by us. Please always contact us first.

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Ad size examples






Example code for advertisemets

Here are some code examples as we only allow HTML and CSS based advertisements (see the Terms of Service):

a) HTML with image

<a href="<your desired target url>" title="<your desire title, your company name if nothing else submitted>">
<img src="<...>" alt="<your desire title, your company name if nothing else submitted>" width="<width of the category chose>" height="<height of the category chosen>" />


b) A plain html ad example:

<a title="<Your desired title>" href="<your desired target url>">Your desired ad content </a>

We gladly help to setup your advertisement for you.

Media data

The Zenphoto website has around 9,400 sessions with 7,500 unique visitors and 33,400 pageviews every month (around 300 unique users per day with 350 sessions).

The majority of visitors comes from the US (40%), Germany (6.2%), Great Britain (6%), France (6%), followed by China, Espana, Poland, Brasil, Russia and Japan (each around 2,5%). So your ads will be noted!