Thank you for considering to advertise on This will help us to continue development. Here you will find information about how to advertise.

What is the benefit of advertising?

The Zenphoto website has around 65,000 visits with 48,000 unique visitors and 280,000 pageviews every month (around 1000-1400 per day).

The majority of visitors comes from the US (40%), France (9%), Germany (7%), Great Britain (5%) followed by Poland, Spain, Japan, Netherlands and Russia (each around 2%). So your ads will be noted!

You can place an advertisement on our site in the following places:

  • Platinum category: On our site's home page (download page)
  • Palladium category: On the sidebar of each page incl. forum sidebar
  • Gold, silver and bronze category: On our hosting page. This page is referred on the top right navigation.

If you advertise a Zenphoto related services like hosting please write our name correctly and use the official logos.

You may not however advertise as being an approved or recommended service as the Zenphoto team has no resources to evaluate your service.

Who can advertise?

We will accept advertisements that are compatible with Zenphoto's values and goals.

Contact us via our contact page for inquiries.

Ad categories

  • 275x130px / one ad per line
  • Maximum of two ads in this category
  • Location: Home page (Download)
  • 500 USD/ month


  • 275x130px / one ad per line
  • Maximum of two ads in this category
  • Location: Sidebar of each page incl. forum sidebar
  • 300 USD / month


  • 560x130px / one ad per line
  • Unlimited ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
  • 185 USD / month


  • 270x130px / two ads per line
  • Maximum of two ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
  • 115 USD / month 


  • 125x130px / four ads per line
  • Maximum of four ads in this category
  • Location: Hosting page
  • 85 USD / month


Ad order

The ads appear in the order gold, silver and bronze on the hosting page. The ads within each category are strictly sorted alphabetically by company name only. Only one ad per business.

You can only start with a full month and quit any time to the following month.

Allowed ads types

You can submit the following:
Static image ads
  1. The ad image designed to fit the category size chosen. The image must be a static image. We don't allow gif or flash animation or dynamic widgets. 
  2. The URL to link to
  3. Desired ALT attribute text for the image
  4. Desired TITLE attribute for the link

If you wish to host the ad itself on your own server it is also possible to submit the HTML code above fitting your chosen ad category. 

The html for your ad will look like this:

<a href="<your desired target url>" title="<your desire title, your company name if nothing else submitted>">
<img src="<...>" alt="<your desire title, your company name if nothing else submitted>" width="<width of the category chose>" height="<height of the category chosen>" />
Pure HTML ads

It is also possible to use a pure HTML setup or use an image and real text using image replacement techniques. You then would have to submit the full HTML with inline CSS fitting the chosen category size. We don't allow gif and flash animation or dynamic widgets.

One example for the platinum cateogory

a) An image ad with a real text link using image replacement technique:

<a style="display: block;width: 275px; height: 130px; text-indent:-5000px; background-image:url(ad-image-you-send.jpg) no-repeat;" title="<Your desired itle>" href="<your desired target url>">Your desired ad content</a>


b) A plain html ad example:

<a style="display: block; width: 275px; height: 130px; postition: relative;" title="<Your desired itle>" href="<your desired target url>">Your desired ad content </a>


You can either send the image to us or host it on your site. The ad content can be any html that is allowed within an <a> element. Please make sure your code is valid and fitting the category size. If you need to position elements set them to display: block and position them relatively using top/left/right/bottom. Best you submit an screenshot of how it should look so we can make sure no conflicts with our site's css occur.


Payment must be made in advance via Paypal. If you require other ways of payment we can surely talk about that as well. Please contact us before making any payment. Thanks!
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