Contributor profile page information

Privacy: What info we list and what we do and don't do with it

We always create such a page for you if an extension or theme is listed on our site or if you contribtuted any significant fix/patch to an release. We differ three main categories that are listed on our "About us" section:

Of course we don’t expose any data or info you haven’t published yourself already via your contributions. Needless to say, you can request changes or even have your page removed at any time. We don’t and won’t use your data for anything else.

This is what we list:

  • Screen name: The alias or screen name you appeared to us via e.g. the forum, GitHub or our former Trac bug tracker.
  • Real name: If we know that via your contributions or website.
  • Website: If we know it.
  • Short description: Only for active or former team members who provided it themselves.

Additionally we automatically list all plugins, themes or releases you ever contributed to and that have entries on our site. We can do that because all your entries are assigned by a special tag author_<screen name>. You can see that tag below each extension entry (on themes we don't list tags specifcally).

We have done that for quite some time already to show the "More by author" below each theme or extension entry. <screen name> is also the name of your page in the url (titlelink). Also, every theme or extension entry now has a box that lists its authors and links to each profile page.

Again, the Zenphoto team will not use the information you enter for anything else than what you see:

  1. Showcase and credit your contributions.
  2. Gather general statistics of contributions to satisfy our and your curiosity.
  3. Easier maintenance of author credits as we don’t have to change multiple entries if a user name or website link changes.
  4. For registered contributors we will monitor who accessed our site and when, so we can check if the rules mentioned below are respected.
  5. You will never get advertisement mass mails or anything else.
  6. We will never give your data to third parties or use it for commercial purposes.

General usage rules for registered contributors

If you have been granted access to your contributor profile page (see below how to do that) you will have to abide by these usage rules:

  1. You confirm that you are the person the profile page belongs to.
  2. Being registered does not mean you have any special status regarding support by the Zenphoto team.
  3. No advertisements except links to your websites and/or projects. This applies to either manual editing the page content or using the social services listed below.
  4. No direct embedding of external material like images or from services like Youtube or similar. Except the ones listed below.
  5. No racist, pornographic, obscene or otherwise problematic content.
  6. No illegal content or links to thereof.
  7. A violation of these rules results in immediate deletion of the content and a revoking of the access rights. The profile page showing the automatic list of your contributions will remain though.
  8. Never change the "titlelink" (= screen name) of your page as that will break site functionality. If you wish to change it you can contact us via e-mail. 
  9. You can change the title of your page if you for example don't want your full name. In that case please just use the screen name.
  10. Site language is English only.

Maintaining your contributor profile page yourself

You can request edit rights to your profile page. We would like to limit that to active contributors though. Sadly we cannot provide access to the actual theme and extension entries for technical reasons. 

  1. Contact us via our contact form or if you know the addresses, directly via e-mail.
  2. Use the valid e-mail address you would like to be registered with on If you would like to use Gravatar (see below) best use the e-mail adress you are registered with there. So you don't have to tell us two addresses unneccessarily.
  3. State your forum and/or GitHub screen name (that should match your page titlelink generally).
  4. To prove who you are, include links to the related profiles above, your website and to the profile page you would like to have access to.
  5. If you have been accepted you will get an e-mail with the credentials.

How to use data from social profiles

You like to get an image or your logo there? You can use these three services as these don't require any API registering yet. Enter your credentials as described below into the "custom" field of your profile page.


gravatar|e-mail address or md5 hash of it|<field to get>

You probably don't want to enter your e-mail address directly unless you use the same address you have been registered on our site anyway. Instead you can enter a ready made md5 hash of your address directly:


  • gravatar||thumb (only the profile image)
  • gravatar||aboutme (only the "aboutme" desscription)
  • gravatar||urls (only the list of urls)
  • gravatar||all (all three above in above order)

We only support the profile image.

  • google|<userid of the Google+ profile url>

We only support the profile image.

  • facebook|<username from the Facebook profile url>