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Terms of Service

General forum rules

  1. Deleting your account

    Because of the forum software it is not possible that you delete your account yourself. If you wish to be deleted please drop us a note on the forum or via the mail form on our site.

  2. Before posting a question on the forum:
    • Before you post anything or open a new thread or ticket, please first search the forum and our website to see if your question is known and a solution exists. This is often the case. Please visit our user guide section or the extensions sections, too.
    • If you are experiencing problems look at the troubleshooting guide.
    • Please understand that we generally will not provide any free personal support via e-mail.
  3. Bug reports:
    If you think you have found a real bug and can't find anything about it on the forum and our user guide, please read our general bug report guidelines first. Following these helps us to help you.
  4. Support of 3rd party solutions
    If you have problems or questions about 3rd party solutions (themes, plugins etc). we strongly recommend to put the name of that solution in the thread title so its author has a chance to notice it and possibly give support. Many of them visit the forum quite regulary.The Zenphoto team will try to help if possible but can't support 3rd party solutions explicity.
  5. Posting ideas for new features
    If you have an idea for a feature, please open a ticket on the GitHub, too. Note: Opening a ticket will be considered as a suggestion and the developers can't guarantee if and when it will be done. Of course if you or anyone else wants to code it yourself, this is welcome, too. Please read our Get involved page first before starting. You can discuss everything on the forum of course.
  6. Non Zenphoto specific questions
    Please don't expect the developers to respond to questions about general (X)HTML, CSS or PHP and similar issues. Our resources are somewhat limited, so that we will primary focus on issues that are really zenphoto specific. For general webdesign issues there are plenty of places out there. We will try to help where we can though and probably some of our users will jump in to help, too.
  7. Zenphoto unrelated postings/Spam/Advertising
    Postings that are absolutly not related to Zenphoto at least in general (like webdesign/-development topics), especially Spam postings, are in danger to be deleted without warning as is the user account responsible. Since the danger is that we ignore serious posts or accidentally delete them please make your posts explicit so we can see that you have real interest. We will delete vaccuous comment posts as those are likely to be from these spammers. If you wish your post to stay, say something real.
  8. "Bumping" threads
    Please remember that your question is no more important than the next person's. So meaningless posts just to move it to the top are not acceptable. Should you do this your thread will be frozen making getting an answer extremely difficult.
  9. Entering the Zenphoto showcase
    If you would like to submit your site to the showcase in the showcase forum thread please note that we can't guarantee that we include every submitted site. Sites using bascically unmodified versions of any standard or other theme from our site's themes page won't be posted. The showcase is not about your pictures and how great they may be but about individual usage of Zenphoto. Of course sites not using Zenphoto at all are invalid.
  10. Forum language is English only
    Zenphoto has users in many countries, so this way all visitors have the chance to understand.
  11. "one click" installation tools like SimpleScript
    There are a number of install scripts available for Zenphoto. Scripts such as SimpleScripts version 3 execute each of the necessary Zenphoto setup steps and should produce indentical results as following the installation steps below.

    Others try to reproduce the end result of an installation. These latter may not reliably accomplish their goal and leave a flawed installation. We do not test these scripts and cannot provide support if their use causes Zenphoto problems.

Some useful resources: