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Restrict/enable certain features based on User type

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  • Started 5 years ago by rdale999
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  1. rdale999

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    Hello everyone. I have a couple of specific features I am needing in a photo gallery, and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea if Zen Photo can do it. At this time, I am only looking for a "yes, this can be done" without a total rewrite of the code, and also if possible, being pointed in the right direction for where to start looking (code or guide).

    My features are fairly simple in concept. I need a photo gallery on the site that is completely public for VIEWING. That means, anyone, even without a login (if possible. this part isnt essential) can view any of the galleries. But I need 2 sets of users or user groups (besides generic guest/no login type) for this project: call them Fans and Pros. Fans would be allowed to upload pics and do basic management of their gallery. Pros would get more features, the main one I need for them is a larger image size on upload, and possibly something like more images total. Pros could also do things like delete comments (comments open to all to post).

    The other part that I could use, and this might be more tricky, is that it would be good if the same login they use for this Fan or Pro user would also allow them to access other parts of the site that are not in the galleries, say something like being able to post a piece of art or a print for sale in the Marketplace part of the site. This would require me to know how (and even if) to be able to know that they are logged in and what account type they have.

    I am ok with manually setting the Pros accounts up as far as the extra features go.

    There is some more, but its all related to these 2 basic ideas and how (and if) they can be accomplished.

    Thank you for any help or guidance you can provide on this. I really like Zen Photo and would prefer to use it over any others I have seen.

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  2. Zenphoto development team

    Zenphoto team
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    Recommended read about the user rights management:
    A screenshot how that looks on the backend (1.4.2.x):

    We have nothing to limit the actual size of images but you can limit the maximum upload per album with upload quota plugin for example.

    Things like allowing downloads or else need to be coded on theme itself either as a theme custom function or a plugin. Recommended readings:

    (btw, it's "Zenphoto" not "Zen Photo"...:-))

    Don't forget to read the Forum rules and usage resources
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  3. sbillard

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    You can use several "external" logon devices to allow broader access than just the gallery. Look at the federated_logon and the http_auth plugins and see if either does what you wish.

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