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images downloading as .jpg on dektop but .jpeg on mobile

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  • Started 6 months ago by stuartmiles
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  1. stuartmiles

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    I have the mobile plugin installed and have duplicated my theme so there is a version each for desktop, tablet and mobile. The settings are the same except for the image and template sizes.

    When I download for desktop or tablet the images are .jpg but when I download on the mobile I get a .jpeg version (with the 'e')

    Is there a setting in zenphoto that is doing this or is it something on the phone doing it? I don't know that it is a problem but I did transfer some images from phone to desktop and the wouldn't open so I don't know if this will be a problem with other people downloading.

    The site is blogpiks.com



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  2. Zenphoto development team

    Zenphoto team
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    Zenphoto has no part in this. I just downloaded an image on an iPhone and it's a "JPG"

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  3. stuartmiles

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    Thanks for letting me know :-)

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