Zenphoto 1.2.1

    • Numerous encoding fixes [krainbolt, sbillard]
    • Numerous translation (gettext strings) optimizations [sbillard, acrylian]
    • New plugins:
      • static_html_cache [acrylian, sbillard, trisweb]
      • contact_form [acrylian, sbillard]
      • paged thumbs navigation [acrylian, sbillard]
    • Separate theme translation capability [acrylian, sbillard]
    • The return of "partial match search of tags" [sbillard]
    • Memory limit fix [sbillard]
    • Setup improvements [sbillard]
    • Password authorization fixes [sbillard]
    • Transient images [sbillard]
    • Translations:
      • Spanish [mikeque, ballenato, carlosvarela]
      • Traditional Chinese [fatman]
      • Simplified Chinese [fatman]
      • French [fetard]
      • Italian [Iacopo Benesperi, Andrea Garelli]
      • Dutch [Vincent]
      • Serbian [JovanT]
      • Polish [mironb]
      • Japanese [momo-i]
      • German (polite "Sie" version) [acrylian]
    • Integrated support for the Zenpage CMS plugin [acrylian, sbillard]
    • Zenpage support for Efferescene+ theme [sbillard]

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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