Zenphoto 1.2.9

    • pclzip.lib updated to current version [sbillard]
    • Backend and frontend HTML validation fixes [sbillard, acrylian]
    • Nested album backend sorting [sbillard, acrylian]
    • Latest three news articles from on backend overview page [sbillard, acrylian]
    • Update of default JS libary jQuery to 1.4.2 with jQuery UI 1.7.2 [sbillard, acrylian]
    • Sorting improvements [sbillard]
    • Default cropping improvements (uses the law of thirds now) [sbillard]
    • RSS now works with https [sbillard, acrylian]
    • New RSS mode "AlbumsRSSCollection" (Latest (sub)albums from within specific album) [acrylian]
    • EXIF fixes [sbillard]
    • Dynamic album improvements [sbillard]
    • Colorbox replaces Thickbox as default "box" JS script [acrylian]
    • User management improvements [sbillard]
    • Setup improvements [sbillard]
    • Interlace option for resized images [sbillard]
    • Zenpage-default theme renamed to just Zenpage theme
    • Plugins
      • Zenpage plugin improvements
        • Custom thumb cropping for CombiNews mode [acrylian]
        • New CombiNews mode: Latest images by album [acrylian]
        • Sort order and direction parameter for next_news() loop("title" or "date" descending or ascending) [acrylian]
      • Flowplayer3 plugin: Content does not autoplay regardless if disabled anymore [acrylian]
    • Translations included
      • Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese [fatman]
      • French [fetard]
      • Italian [iacchi]
      • Dutch [fretzl]
      • Polish  [mironb]
      • Serbian [JovianT]
      • Spanish - General [mikeque,C32]
      • Swedish [pischla]
      • Galician [anxobotana]
      • Japanese [momo-i]
      • German [acrylian]
    • Lots of minor fixes and improvements. Full list

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