Zenphoto 1.4.2

    • Requirements raised:
      • PHP 5+
      • MySQL 5+
    • Front-end editing has been removed. If you must use this feature, there is an unsupported plugin, front_end_edit to replace it.
    • Images from embeded meta thumbnails [sbillard,wildstray]
    • Pre-caching functions have been removed as unecessary. They are available in the unsupported plugin cacheimages [sbillard]
    • Dropdown quick links on the backend [acrylian, sbillard]
    • Performance improvements [sbillard]
    • Cookie security option [sbillard]
    • Additional Bulk actions [sbillard, acrylian]
    • Challenge/response password recovery [sbillard]
    • Ability to not process image metadata fields [sbillard]
    • Setup option to automatically complete if there are no errors or warnings [sbillard]
    • New captcha handler to implement Google's reCaptcha.
    • Plugins
      • NEW: jPlayer multimedia player (incl. two custom player skins!) [acrylian]
      • Video class: Meta data support [sbillard, acrylian]
      • Zenpage: News tab sorting options [acrylian]
      • comment_form: Optional jQuery pagination [acrylian]
      • TinyMCE updated to 3.4.7. Note: We now only include those languages files we have Zenphoto languages for [acrylian]
      • Apache HTTP authentication integration [sbillard]
      • ajaxFilemanager plugin [sbillard]
      • flowplayer3_playlist plugin now incorporated with the flowplayer3 plugin [acrylian]

    Ajax File Manager

    We believe that we have closed all the security holes in the ajaxFilemanager third party application. However, given the trauma these holes have caused our users, we realize that some of you will not consider the features the application provides to be worth any risk. Thus we have made the ajaxFilemanager a plugin that must be enabled if you wish its functionality.

    Changes regarding unpublished item behaviour

    We have made a change in behavior having to do with Zenphoto users seeing unpublished items. Prior to this release, any logged in Zenphoto user was shown all unpublished items. This stems mainly from when the only users were the site managers. 

    We have found that our users need two kinds of users: Ones that manage all or part of the site and ones that are "customers" of the site. For the latter, it was not desirable that they be shown unpublished items in menus.

    The 1.4.2 release will show unpublished items only to users with rights to manage the item type. Thus, admin users and users with manage all (albums, pages, news) rights will see those unpublished tems. All other users will not see unpublished items unless they have been assigned edit rights in the manage object list.

    Of course if the user knows the direct link to the unpublished item he will still be able to link and view it.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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