Zenphoto 1.4.7

    Developers' notes

    We are sorry that it took longer for this bugfix release than usual. Those who follow us regulary may know about a certain reconsolidation last year. Also we are preparing the next major release behind the scenes already as we hinted on the forum a while ago. We are all doing this in our spare time so we may release less often than before from now on.

    Version numbering change

    This is a bugfix and security release. We follow more or less semantic major.minor.bugfix version numbering from now on. This release would have been following the former numbering.

    We may also add minor features if they don't break any existing functionality. This can be simple additional plugin options like the Zenpage ones listed below or things that were actually correct but behaved weird. We think it is better to add these small things rather than to "spare" for some time later.

    General fixes

    • Bug fixed that could cause loosing all text data entered on subalbums and images if the parent album is moved, copied or renamed [acrylian, fretzl]
    • Bug resulting content loss of standard image fields like location, copyright etc. and tag assignments if saving data on the main images bulk edit page [gjr, acrylian]
    • Minor security injection iissue regarding cookie handling fixed [acrylian – Thanks to Manuel Garcia Cardenas for the report]
    • Minor security SQL injection issue regarding image sorting if logged in fixed [acrylian – Thanks to Navaid Zafar Ansari for the report]
    • Improvements for lost changes warnings on the backend [gjr]
    • Option (Options > Image) to convert line breaks on meta data importing of IPTC ImageCaptions to line breaks (<br>) [acrylian - Thanks to MarkRH]
    • Image quality setting if using the Imagick libary now works correctly [MarkRH, kagutsuchi]
    • Full single image editing including tags on the backend is now done on a separate page. This work around ensures that the number of form elements does not exceed server POST limits especially on shared hosts and also speeds up the image tab page display [acrylian]
    • The admin toolbox – always being actually part of the admin and not the theme anyway – now comes with a predefined style for a consistent look on all themes. Individual styling via theme css is not needed anymore [trisweb]
    • Confusing nonsense questions on password resets have been removed [fretzl]
    • randomImages functions no longer return images that are future (scheduled) published or expired [acrylian – Thanks to vincent3569]
    • On the front end search form you can now uncheck or check all search fields [acylian]
    • getAllTagsAs() – used on the standard archive theme page for example – and getAllTagsCount() now have optional parameters to exclude unassigned tags and tags that are assigned to inaccessible items for the current visitor (tag access check). getAllTagsUnique() has only a parameter for the access check. This is also an option for the tag_suggest plugin now. This is optional and off by default as it may cause overhead on larger sites. The use of the static_html_cache plugin is strongely recommended if you need to do this [acrylian]
    • Support for adding new tags containing brackets on admin item edit pages [SubJunk]


    • zpMobile:
      • Some layout issues and broken gallery page navigation fixed [acrylian, gjr]
      • Support for login_out, register_user and slideshow plugins [acrylian]
      • JS conflict with jquery mobile on the register password form fixed (actually that form is core but affected only this theme) [acrylian]


    • favorites: It is not longer necessary for a user to have "manage all albums" rights to create favorites. Any logged in user now can [acrylian]
    • downloadList: 
      • Fixes non working download rights password checks and download access bypassing private gallery settings [trisweb, acrylian]
      • Album zip handling fixed for Windows systems [gjr]
    • galleryArticles: Fix multilingual titles of articles created [acrylian]
    • html_meta_tags: Some corrections on wrong meta items. [acrylian, fretzl]
    • image_album_statistics:
      • Threshold parameter for image/album statistics and "toprated", "mostrated" and "popular" options [gjr] 
      • getImageStatistics() and getAlbumStatistics() work now without getAllAccessibleAlbums() internally and should be faster [Thanks to gjr for pointing out]; getAlbumStatistics() now returns an array of album objects similar to getImageStatistics() instead of an array with album values - Update your code if you do custom stuff; get/printAlbumStatistics() now generally supports stats from dynamic albums [acrylian]
    • jPlayer:
      • Update to 2.8.1 and improvements to our own player skins [acrylian, fretzl]
      • The official jPlayer circle skin has been removed because it requires special handling to all other skins by loading extra JS files and it is a limited audio only skin anyway [acrylian]
      • Now correctly displays playlists with contents from dynamic albums or even search results if they are supported formats [acrylian]
    • menu_manager: Does not throw fatal errors anymore if the Zenpage plugin is disabled but Zenpage items exist in the menu set [acrylian]
    • mergedRSS: Cache improvements [acrylian]
    • print_album_menu: Jump menu version reworked a bit and now with a parameter for album level display and one for just printing the <option> entries without the full <form><select> part. The helper function printAlbumMenuJumpAlbum() has been removed being obsolete. [acrylian]
    • register_user: Wrong verify links in emails fixed [acrylian]
    • sitemap-extended: Fixes some url rewrite token and subdomain links for Zenpage pages if in multilingual mode [acrylian]
    • tinymce4:
      • Update to TinyMCE 4.1.x
      • Option for writing directionality. Also if a language is writing from right to left it switches automatically [acrylian]
    • tag_suggest: The plugin has now options to exclude unassigned tags and tags that are assigned to items that are not accessible for the current vistor [acrylian]
    • zenpage:
      • New options to optionally disable news or pages tabs on the backend. Themes can also check for this state by using the boolean constants ZP_NEWS_ENABLED or ZP_PAGES_ENABLED. See the Zenpage theme's sidebar.php for an example [acrylian]

    Translation updates:

    • Danish [jesdnissen]
    • Dutch [fretzl]
    • French [Michel Gagnon]
    • German [acrylian]
    • Japanese [momo-i]
    • Slovak [tangorn]

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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