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"Just migrated a Dutch catering website from typolight to Zenphoto. My customer just could not get used to typolight, and I'm very sure that she can handle Zenphoto much better. Zenphoto is very user friendly! So thanks to all your hard work and making Zenphoto so easy to use for "normal" people (non geeky people)."

"As always: thanks to the developers for a kick-ass system."

"All my customers are existed about Zen Photo because it is so easy to use! Thanks a lot Zen Photo for keeping the software open source." — stinie

"Let me say: Zenphoto is magic!" — dps

"A big Thank You to the Zenphoto team, it's a truly great application." — Romeus

"To the developers: thanks for making zenphoto. I had started this project using Gallery and scrapped everything a few months later when I found zenphoto. It's an excellent system to develop with." — joe_dicastro

"I just wanted to say thanks to you for making zenphoto the best gallery solution out there. Its so cool that we can use it for free - thanks for the countless hours you put into developing zenphoto!" — Wandbilder

"Oh, and to the people who worked painstakingly hard long hours on developing ZenPhoto: A BIG THANK YOU! I am so surprised it has so many features in such a simple package! Great job." — arduino

"Thanks for a wonderful product and all the many hours you put into this!" — snazawa

"I am absolutely astonished and awed at the simplicity and power of Zenphoto. Thank you Thank you Thank you. It is an amazing creation. And I am only beginning to see what it can do."- ronandownes

"First of all congratulations for the splendid application." — patvgent

"Version 1.2 is officially rreeeeaaaaalllyyyy awwwesome! The ability to move and copy images in albums in killer. Now I will recommend zenphoto to people pretty much unconditionally." — Arvid

"You folks *rock*! Thanks for your great efforts.(...)" — Andreas Schamanek

"Thanks for the support and the wonderful program." — pickuprover

"And thanks to make a near perfect photo album. I'm having fun modifying the layout."
Thanks! — fakestar

"first of all - thanks for Zenphoto - its a great piece of Software!" — fuzzi

"The pace of innovation at Zenphoto is hard to keep up with." — jayray999

"Love the software - thanks." — jesse

"Great stuff that is ! I love ZenPhoto !" — mrnico

"Thanks for the creation of ZenPhoto, it's just wonderful!" — mightyhitter

"Thanks much to the dev team. Zenpress is lovely to work with." — syrupcore

"Thanks for zenphoto... really (u rock:)" — NaWer

"Thanks for doing such a great job!" — PeterW

"Thanks - I love ZenPhoto!" — gjr

“Thanks a bunch! You guys ROCK! Many thanks again and keep up the good work. You shall be blessed. ” — Deb George

"In addition to a great product, you folks always give top notch (and quick!) support...Thanks!"

"(...)thank you even more for such an amazing gallery - the "thought-through"fullness of which by far exceeds my expectations even for commercial software." — digitzer

"great program and great people here!" — Connie

"Also, since I haven't said it before, zenphoto is great great great!!!" — tehmartin

"Thanks for all that great job guys (and girls, if there are any ;)) !" — Jssfr

"Zen Photo is great." — bjammin001

"I love Zen!"

"Great gallery script! Thanks ZP team." — Iwan1188

"(...) thanks to the developers for this great piece of software! It's so flexible you can use it for anything.." — Hamsterbacke

"thanx for this great gallery !" — sinook

"Zenphoto is great indeed." — jimhawkins

"Great software. Thanks." — hansu

"What a great program ZenPhoto is!" — jessnoonyes

"Thank you for zenhphoto. Great!" — Gisselbrecht

"i *love* zppp :)" — weed

"Great software!!" — RobCifre

"a great script - zenphoto, go ahead!" — vnvsven

"either way thank you for this great software, and even better support!" — motaheri

"After looking for a good and easy to use portfolio system, which could also be incorporated into a content management system, I stumbled upon ZENphoto. Great job! Thank you" — Design

"Great program! I will definitely start using ZenPhoto all the time." — owenpiccirillo

"Being using Zenphoto for about a year and a half now. I'm extremely happy with it! Keep up the good work." — Vaisak

"Thanks a lot Zenphoto for the great application." — suxab

"Thanks for a great bit of programming" — smsu

"I love zenphoto. It's the best looking and easyiest to use gallery." — lordcoffee

"awesome stuff! I really like the recent additions! Keep up the great work!" — zitro61

"Oh, and to the people who worked painstakingly hard long hours on developing ZenPhoto: A BIG THANK YOU! I am so surprised it has so many features in such a simple package! Great job."