Adding third party features to Zenphoto

    In addition to theming, Zenphoto has a plugin architecture that lets third party developers add extra capabilities to the Gallery. In addition many of the standard features can be enhanced by the addition of specific files. As from Zenphoto release 1.2.7 we have separated as much as possible the standard Zenphoto files and scripts from ones that are otherwise provided.

    As in the past, new themes can be added as folders in the root themes folder. With release 1.2.7 the plugins folder has been moved into the root. It is entirely for third party extensions to Zenphoto. Zenphoto standard plugins now reside in the zp-core/zp-extensions folder. You can now remove a few root files, the zp-core folder, and the theme folders of Zenphoto distributed themes prior to uploading a new version and insure that your new install will not contain any legacy Zenphoto scripts.

    There are several folders included in the plugins folder for adding to Zenphoto standard features. These are:

    • gd_fonts -- Captcha and the text-watermark plugin can make use of custom fonts. You can add to the repetoir of fonts available by placing them in this folder.
    • imagick_fonts -- Same as above.
    • watermarks -- Place images you wish to use for watermarking in this folder.

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