About us

Here you find some info about the project and the people that run it.

Development history

Zenphoto was started in May of 2005 with a published specification on a weblog (trisweb.com), and each version saw dozens of comments leading to revision of the specs and more ideas for subsequent versions. It was a fruitful and enjoyable development process that is not even close to being finished. (...)

Zenphoto team

The following people regularly contribute to Zenphoto or its community. We differentiate them because of the time and energy they dedicate to the project either as developers, forum moderators or translators.

They are the people that you will most likely deal with when submitting a bug, asking questions in the support forums, or communicating with the Zenphoto team in general.

The Zenphoto Project is dependent on these people for its continued development and growth. We can't thank them enough.

Former team members

These people have contributed to Zenphoto significantly in the past. We thank these people immensely for all their support and contribution!


These people contribute or have contributed to Zenphoto releases or created third party themes or extensions. It's you guys, that make the Zenphoto community.


You can download variants of the official Zenphoto logo here. The logo was created by Tristan Harward (trisweb) with some later typographical changes by Malte Müller (acrylian).

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.