Please understand that we, as a free and open source project run by volunteers, don't and can't provide free support via e-mail or else. If you have problems with your site using Zenphoto:

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Please only contact us if for example:
  • You think you found a serious security issue in Zenphoto that is best not made public.
  • You think you accidentally have been blocked on the forum or have any other problem with our website.

Note: If you encountered a website with the line "Powered by Zenphoto" or "Powered by ZenphotoCMS" and have some legal or other concerns or inquiries regarding that site, you need to contact the owner of that website. Zenphoto is not providing any hosted service but a CMS for independent self-hosting. We cannot help here as we neither know about or are involved with such sites.

We try to read every mail but please understand that we will not respond to mails asking for direct support. Please use the resources noted above instead.