This plugin is the centralized Cache manager for Zenphoto.

    It provides:

    • Options to purge the HTML and RSS caches on publish state changes of:
      • albums
      • images
      • news articles
      • pages
    • pre-creating the Image cache images
    • utilities for purging Image, HTML, and RSS caches

    Image cache pre-creating will examine the gallery and make image references to any images which have not already been cached. Your browser will then request these images causing the caching process to be executed.

    The Zenphoto distributed themes have created Caching size options for the images sizes they use. The caching process does not consider the image orientation, it simply creates a cache image at the sizes specified.


    • Setting theme options or installing a new version of Zenphoto will re-create these caching sizes. Use a different theme name for custom versions that you create.
    • The pre-creating process will cause your browser to display each and every image that has not been previously cached. If your server does not do a good job of thread management this may swamp it! You should probably also clear your browser cache before using this utility. Otherwise your browser may fetch the images locally rendering the above process useless.
    • You may have to refresh the page multiple times until the report of the number of images cached is zero. If some images seem to never be rendered you may be experiencing memory limit or other graphics processor errors. You can click on the image that does not render to get the i.php debug screen for the image. This may help in figuring out what has gone wrong.



    This extension is included in the ZenphotoCMS release.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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