Content of the Zenphoto package

    The Zenphoto package consists of these root items after extracting. This is what you need to upload. 
    Note: Your FTP program should be set to merge files within the package folders with folders in an existing insallation. Setup will prompt you if any old files should be removed.

    • .gitattributes** – An invisible file from the Git version control on GitHub.
    • .gitignore** – An invisible file from the Git version control on GitHub. 
    • albums* – This folder contains the full images, videos etc. within subfolders after uploading. 
    • – This is just a MarkDown formatted text file with info link about how to contribute to the Zenphoto project. No need to upload this when installing.
    • index.php – This is the "front-end" script for Zenphoto. All references to the gallery go through it. Often referenced as the "root index file".
    • LICENSE** The Zenphoto GNU General Public License.
    • plugins – This is the place to store 3rd party and custom plugins, custom watermarks, etc.
    •** – This is a file from GitHub that just contains the intro text of the repository.
    • themes – As you may have guessed this contains the themes. Four standard themes are included.
    • uploaded* – This is the folder the where the (non gallery) file manager stores uploaded files.
    • zp-core – This is the Zenphoto core that runs everything.
    • zp-data* – This stores your zenphoto.cfg file, the Zenphoto setup, security and debug log files.

     During setup two additional folders are created:

    • cache The processed thumbnails and sized images are stored here.
    • cache_html Static files from RSS feeds, the static HTML cache plugin or the sitemap-extended plugin are stored here - if the given option or plugin is enabled.

    If you are using the auto_backup plugin for database backups, a backup folder is also created.

    After running setup a .htaccess file and a robot.txt file will be created in the root if you select the related options. You may need to adjust the robots.txt file to your liking as it is set very strict by default.

    * These folders are empty in the package.

    ** These files/folders are not used by a running installation and do not need to be uploaded.

    Creative Commons LicenseThis text by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    Code examples are released under the GPL v2 or later license

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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