This plugin deals with functions that have either been altered* or removed** from mainstream Zenphoto completely.
    * Altered functions have deprecated parameters.
    ** Removed functions are not maintained and they are not guaranteed to function correctly with the current version of Zenphoto.

    The default settings cause an E_USER_NOTICE error to be generated when the function is used. The text of the error message will tell you how to replace calls on the deprecated function. The error message can be disabled to allow your scripts to continue to run. Visit the deprecated-functions plugin options. Find the function and uncheck the box by the function.

    A utility button is provided that allows you to search themes and plugins for uses of functions which have been deprecated. Use it to be proactive in replacing or changing these items.


    This extension is included in the ZenphotoCMS release.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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