A plugin to generate a file download list. This download folder can be relative to your Zenphoto root (foldername) or external to it (../foldername). By default the uploaded folder is chosen so you can use the file manager to manage these files.

    You can also override that folder by using the printdownloadList() function parameters directly. Additionally you can set a downloadlink to a specific file directly by using printDownloadLink(path-to-file);.

    The file names and the download path of the items are stored with the number of downloads in the database's plugin_storage table.

    The download link is something like: number of the download.

    So the actual download source is not public. The list itself is generated directly from the file system. However, files which no longer exist are kept in the database for statistical reasons until you clear them manually via the statistics utility.

    You will need to modify your theme to use this plugin. You can use the codeblock fields if your theme supports them or insert the function calls directly where you want the list to appear.

    To protect the download directory from direct linking you need to set up a proper .htaccess for this folder.

    The printDownloadLinkAlbumZip() function will create a zipfile of the album on the fly. The source of the images may be the original images from the album and its subalbums or they may be the sized images from the cache. Use the latter if you want the images to be watermarked.

    The list has a CSS class downloadList attached.


    This extension is included in the ZenphotoCMS release.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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