Allows registered users to select and manage "favorite" Zenphoto objects. Currently just images & albums are supported.

    Note: If the multi mode option is enabled there may be multiple instances of a user's favorites.
    When an object is added to favorites, an identifier maybe specified. (The Add buttons will include a text field for the name of the instance.) If specified that is the "name" of the favorites instance that will contain the object.
    If the name is left empty the object will be added to the un-named favorite instance.

    Note: If the tag_suggest plugin is enabled there will be suggestions made for the text field much like the "tag suggestions" for searching.

    If an object is contained in multiple favorites there will be multiple remove buttons.
    The button will have the favoirtes instance name appended if not the un-named favorites.

    printFavoriresURL() will print links to each defined favorites instance.

    Themes must be modified to use this plugin.

    • The theme should have a custom page based on its standard album page. The default name for this page is favorites.php, but it may be changed by option. This page and the standard album page "next" loops should contain calls on printAddToFavorites($object) for each object. This provides the "remove" button.
    • The standard image page should also contain a call on printAddToFavorites().
    • Calls to printFavoritesLink() should be placed anywhere that the visitor should be able to link to his favorites page.



    This extension is included in the ZenphotoCMS release.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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