Login and password problems

    What is the link to login on the backend?

    1. mod_rewrite support: <path to your installation>/admin
    2. no mod_rewrite: <path to your installation>/zp-core/admin.php

    Forgotten admin password

    1. If you supplied an email address in the Admin options there should be a Captcha string image on the log-on page. Entering that string as the log-on password will email you a link to reset your password.
    2. If the Captcha is not there, or if you don't get the email, you need to delete the administrators table in your database and re-run setup.

    Problems logging in on the backend

    First please review "Forgotten admin password" above. If you are still having problems after following that advice you will have to enable some debugging to allow the developers to observe what is happening when you attempt your login. Locate your site's global-definitions.php file. Using a text editor find the line which contains

    define('DEBUG_LOGIN', false); // set to true to log admin saves and login attempts

    Change false to true and save the file. Now drop your administrator's table as described in the referenced troubleshooting article above.

    1. Delete any debug_log.txt file in your zp-data folder
    2. Run setup
    3. Create a new user/password
    4. Attempt to log in.

    A new debug log will be created containing infromation the developers will need to troubleshoot your problem.

    Password protected albums can be viewed without entering a password

    There are two things that might be happening here:

    1. You are logged in as the administrator. Administrators are allowed to view any album, password protected or not.
    2. You have logged into the album at sometime in the past. Album passwords are remembered in cookies so that viewers do not have to log in at each page display.

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