Provides functionality to select different templates for the standard theme pages album.php, image.php and for Zenpage pages.php and news.php.

    The additional template files have to be clones of the standard theme pages which must be kept as default ones. The file names of these additional template files must match these patterns and should not include special characters or characters with diacritical marks:

    Zenphoto gallery items

    • For albums: albumcustomname.php
    • For images : imagecustomname.php

    "Select default album image layout" checkbox: If you want to avoid to manually select a specific layout for all images in an album you can check this option on the album's edit page. Then a layout is assigned to the images automatically as well.

    Example: You select an album layout page named "album_test.php" for an album. If you select that option mentioned above an image layout named "image_test.php" will be used for the direct images of this album if it exists. Otherwise the standard image.php is used or if set an individual image layout page. Selecting this option will not clear already individually set image layouts!

    Zenpage CMS items

    • For Zenpage pages: pagescustomname.php
    • For Zenpage news articles and news categories: newscustomname.php.

    The main news page and the news archive can't be assigned to layout pages.

    Layout selection inheritance

    The layout selection of a parent album (images see above), page or category is inherited by its sub items on all levels without their own db entry if no specific layout is seleced. News articles don't inherit anything because they don't directly belong to any parent item.


    This extension is included in the ZenphotoCMS release.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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