File and folder permissions

    Zenphoto defaults the permissions for files and folders based on the file permissions of the /zp-core folder. This usually is the correct setting.

    However some server configurations may not work with this setting. Setup will attempt to modify the permissions. If it is unable to do this you will have to manage the permissions manually.

    Zenphoto requires these permissions to the following folders and all files and folders within:

    • /albums – Read access at least, for image uploading via the backend Zenphoto also needs write access naturally
    • /backupRead and write access (This folder is only used if you use the database backup utility Zenphoto provides)
    • /cache – Read and write access
    • /cache_html  – Read and write access
    • /plugins – Read access
    • /themes – Read access; for the theme editor to work Zenphoto must also have write access
    • /zp-core – Read access
    • /zp-dataRead and write access

    Ideally, permissions should be set up with 0644 files/0755 directories ([rw-r--r--] files and [rwxr-xr-x] directories) permissions, with [youruser:webservergroup] ownership. If you can do that, we highly recommend it. 

    Some server configurations may use different ownerships on FTP and for script execution itself which may lead to permission issues. You may need to change them via FTP or your host's backend if you have trouble with that. Your host should be able to help with this.

    Some servers are configured so that scripts cannot be executed from folders with weak permissions. We suggest you start with the strictest permissions and relax them if that causes permissions errors. Unfortunately, there are many permutations of how servers can be configured and not all are reasonable or rational. You may have to experiment to see what works for your situation.

    You can alter these defaults from the setup program.

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