A quota management system to limit the sum of sizes of uploaded images.

    Set the default quota on the plugin options page. You can change the quota for individual users on the Admin tab. Users with ADMIN_RIGHTS or MANAGE_ALL_ALBUM_RIGHTS are not subject to quotas and will not be assigned ownership of an image.

    Images uploaded by a user will be marked as his and will count toward his quota. Images uploaded via FTP or from the files tab will not necessarily have an owner assigned.

    You may also assign the complete set of images in an albums to a user. (Just the images in the album. If you want to assign images from subalbums, you need to do that for each subalbum.)

    A user who exceeds his quota will not be allowed to upload more files.

    Because of the difficulty of policing quotas when ZIP files are uploaded this plugin has an option to diable ZIP file upload.

    Since uploads via the files tab are like FTP uploads and are not assigned to the user, you should not assign files rights to users with upload limits.


    This extension is included in the ZenphotoCMS release.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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