Server requirements

    To operate Zenphoto efficiently, you need (our setup script will also tell you about possible problems):

    • A web server with at least 25Mb of free space (plus free space for images and cache files)
    • Apache* (it may work without problems on other server systems like nginx, IIS or lighttpd but we have not tested these.)
    • PHP 5.6+ (7.2+ strongely recommended) – it may still work with older versions of PHP below 5.6 but we actually don't test and won't fix any related issues.
      • NOTE: Zenphoto 1.5.9 is not compatible and tested with PHP 8 yet
    • It is recommend that you have the following PHP extensions and settings:
      • One of these graphics libaries for image resizing:
        • GD graphics library (usually built in on servers)
        • Imagick graphics libary 6.3.8/Imagick 3.0.0+
      • safe mode off (recommended)
      • magic_quotes off (recommended)
      • register globals off (required)
      • gettext extension (optional, required if you plan to use Zenphoto's translation/multilingual capabilites - note that your server must have the locales for the languages installed you intend to use) 
      • mbstring extension (recommended if you are using a none English language with lots of special characters)
      • tidy extension (recommended to properly truncate text content containing HTML)
      • cURL extension (recommended)
      • mod_rewrite (recommended) – Note that non Apache servers not supporting htacess may require extra setup
    • MySQL 5+* (5.5.3+ recommended) – MySQL 4 is not supported - Compatible MariaDB versions should also work but are not tested specifically.
      • Appropriate user account rights. (Setup will note if you do not have sufficient rights.)
      • UTF-8 table and field collations

    *Zenphoto is developed and tested on Apache environment.

    Browser requirements

    The Zenphoto backend uses the JavaScript framework jQuery  – currently in Version 1.x – as the standard libary for all sorts of things so we basically can support what it does. That would be roughly:

    • Internet Explorer 7 or newer (we really recommend using the latest but never 6 or below…!)
    • Safari 5.1 or newer
    • Google Chrome (current version)
    • Opera 12.1/Opera 19 or newer

    Probably a lot does work in older browser as well but we don't and can't really test it. We therefore recommend to use the latest browser version possible on your system.

    Creative Commons LicenseThis text by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    Code examples are released under the GPL v2 or later license

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.