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    The idea is to group together in the same rss entry all the photos that have been added at the same time in the same album. Photos are browsed by decreasing mtime (=upload date, because id doesn't seem to be very reliable), and every time the album change, or a one hour gap occurred during uploading, a new entry is created. This entry contains the list of all photos with title and description, and optionally photo (?showphotos). RSS entries are not created if the latest photo is less than 1 hour old, in order to avoid multiple entries for the same uploading event (moreover it gives some time to edit titles and descriptions during this hour).

    This tool has been abandoned by the ZenphotoCMS team or its original developer and we provide it for archival purposes on our "unsuppported-misc" GitHub repository "as is". .

    Info & download (GitHub)

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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