Note: The example macros in this text contain a space after the first and before the last bracket. This is to avoid them being executed. On real usages there should be none.

    Shows slideshows of images in an album. Slideshows are responsive by default but beware of theme css.

    An adaption of the jQuery Cycle2 script.

    The theme file slideshow.php is required witin your theme's folder.
    A slideshow.css is optional. Required special css should best be incorporated into the theme's css.
    If you are creating a custom theme, copy these files from an official Zenphoto theme.
    Note that the Colorbox mode does not require these files as it is called on your theme's image.php and album.php directly via the slideshow button. The Colorbox plugin must be enabled and setup for these pages.

    NOTE: The jQuery Cycle and the jQuery Colorbox modes do not support movie and audio files. In Colorbox mode there will be no slideshow button on the image page if that current image is a movie/audio file.
    You can also place the printSlideShow() function anywhere else on your theme to call a slideshow directly.

    Content macro support:
    Use [ SLIDESHOW <true/false for control ] for showing a slideshow within image/album descriptions or Zenpage article and page contents. The slideshow size options must fit the space.


    • The slideshow scripts must be enabled for the pages you wish to use it on.
    • Use only one slideshow per page to avoid CSS conflicts.
    • Also your theme might require extra CSS for this usage, especially the controls.
    • This only creates a slideshow in jQuery mode, no matter how the mode is set.

    This extension is included in the ZenphotoCMS release.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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