Used to cache Theme pages (i.e. those pages launched by the Zenphoto index.php script.)

    Exceptions to this are the password.php and 404.php pages, any page listed in the Excluded pages option, and any page whose script makes a call on the static_cache_html_disable_cache() function. NOTE: this function only prevents the creation of a cache image of the page being viewed. If there is already an existing cached page and none of the other exclusions are in effect, the cached page will be shown.

    In addition, caching does not occur for pages viewed by Zenphoto users if the user has ADMIN privileges or if he is the manager of an album being viewed or whose images are being viewed. Likewise, Zenpage News and Pages are not cached when viewed by the author.


    This extension is officially supported but not included in the ZenphotoCMS release.

    Info & download (GitHub)

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