Using external sources

    Administrating images hosted on another server

    Zenphoto unfortunately does not support this. Zenphoto must be installed on the same server as the photos it is hosting. This is what we recommend.
    Even if this was possible, it would be very slow as Zenphoto is filesystem-based and uses many filesystem operations, and doing that over a network would slow things down significantly.

    Using videos from Youtube or other portals

    Zenphoto is actually meant to manage multimedia files on your own webspace but since Zenphoto 1.2.6 there is indeed a way:
    1. Enable the class-textobject plugin on the backend plugins page.
    2. Upload a plain text file (.txt) with an embed code via ftp or the backend.
    3. To use a thumbnail besides the default one follow the same instructions as for video thumbnails.
    4. That's all. 

    This generally works with all kind of services that provide an embed code.

    Embedding via oEmbed

    There is also a "half official" plugin for embeding content from serveral services via oEmbed:

    This is primarily meant for news articles or pages but will also work in album and image description fields.

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