Using Zenpage

    Assigning a specific user to a page or article

    This is the way if you are the master admin and want to set up something for users with lower rights:

    1. Create a user with rights for one album and Zenpage rights.
    2. Create a new page/article as master admin for that user.
    3. Now select the user the page/article should belong to from the author dropdown.
    4. Now set the page/article to locked for changes and save it. Then only admins with full admin rights or that user will be able to edit or delete that page. For all others the link and the icon buttons should be grayed out.
    Note that every user with Zenpage rights can set every page or article locked for changes himself that is not already locked for changes. It does not matter if he is the original author or not.

    titlelink (name) vs title

    The  titlelink is the name of an article, category or page and is independent from the title. Technically you can have an article with the name "article" and the title "page". 

    The titlelink also appears in the URL and is important as an unique identifier for the internal object model framework. The title is also multilingual capable.

    How do I get images into my pages or news articles?

    There are now two ways:

      1. You can use the included elFinder file manager plugin. Once enabled that file manager is either accessible via the "Manage files" button on the main pages or main articles page or via the image button onTinyMCE tool bar.
        You can use this file manager to upload and manage many formats that Zenphoto itself does not support. Note that files you upload with this are placed within the uploaded folder and are independent from the normal albums.  Using elFinder
      2. You can also use tinyZenpage, a default plugin to the - by default enabled - text editor TinyMCE, to access images, albums from the gallery as well as pages, articles or news cateogries for including links. Using tinyZenpage

    The search does not work for pages and articles

    Zenphoto's search engine also includes articles and pages. If it does not work and you are using none of the standard themes it might not be implemented in your theme. See the theming tutorial how to implement this.

    Why is there a check box for editing the Titlelink?

    In case you are not satisfied with the automatic generation of the titlelink you can edit it. For example if you have a long title you might want to have a shorter url name or maybe the seo friendly generation cleared out something you want to be there, then you can edit it. You can only edit it if you check the checkbox "edit titlelink".This overrides the permaTitlelink option. 

    What is a permaTitleLink?

    The titlelink is the URL name of a page/article/category that is automatically generated seo friendly when adding an item. This is basically the equivalent to Zenphoto's album name and image file name and unique to that page/article/category even if using Zenphoto's multilingual mode.

    If you don't check the permaTitlelink option the titlelink will be newly generated everytime you change the title of a page/article/category. This can lead to broken links if someone or a search engine links to you. This concept is taken from Wordpress where it is called permalink (or slug). It is referred to that as titlelink in all functions so it is called that that here, too.

    I have added pages and articles but don't see them on my site

    A theme with Zenpage support should see them. Some themes with Zenpage support are currently:

    Of course you can setup any theme with Zenpage support yourself. Read on the theming tutorial how to do it.

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