Provides a means where visitors can select the size of the image on the image page.

    The default size and list of allowed sizes may be set in the plugin options or passed as a parameter to the support functions.

    The user selects a size to view from a radio button list. This size is then saved in a cookie and used as the default for future image viewing.

    Sizes as used for the default size and the allowed size list are strings with the The form is $s=size or $h=heigh; $w=width;.... See printCustomSizedImage() for information about how these values are used.

    If $s is present, the plugin will use printCustomSizedImage() to display the image. Otherwise both $w and $h must be present. Then printCustomSizedImageMaxSpace() is used for displaying the image.

    You must place calls on printUserSizeSelector() and printUserSizeImage() at appropriate places in your theme's image.php to activate these features.


    This extension has been abandoned by the ZenphotoCMS team and we provide it for archival purposes on our "unsuppported-plugins-offical" GitHub repository "as is". .

    Info & download (GitHub)

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