A glossary to define a few terms regarding Zenphoto.

    The administration backend of zenphoto. Also called the backend.
    The actual collection of images (and movies) that are within a folder within the "albums" folder.
    Albums folder
    The "albums" folder is located in the root of the Zenphoto installation and contains the folders of the actual albums.
    Album name / folder name
    The folder name of the album on the filesystem. This is independed from the actual album title and used in URLs. For subalbums the name includes all parents (e.g. album1/subalbum1)
    Album title
    The title of the album you can enter on the backend. This is independed from the actual album name.
    Album theme
    A theme that is attached to a specific album. It is possible to use a different themes with each top level album instead of the same main theme for all. Bascially any theme can be used as an album theme.
    Album thumb
    A thumbnail representing the album. This is either chosen automatically or specifically set. Functions for album thumbs also support showing the lock image in case the album is protected.
    Custom (theme) page
    Default sized image
    The large uncropped image usually seen on the single image theme page. Default refers to the usage of option value set on the theme options. Themes may choose not to use these options.
    Default thumb
    The thumbnail, cropped or uncropped, using the theme options. Themes may choose not to use these.
    Dynamic album
    This is not a real album having a folder within the "albums" folder, but is generated by search results.
    Full (size) image
    The original image you have uploaded.
    The entire Zenphoto installation including all albums.
    Image filename
    The filename of the image within its album on the filesystem and used in URLs.
    Image title
    The title of the image you can enter on the backend. This is independed from the actual filename.
    Index / Gallery home page
    The index.php page is thet first page you see if you call your gallery.
    The language you are using for the backend and theme translation. Also the identifier of that language (e.g. de_DE, en_US)
    Options / Admin Options
    The options to be found within the Zenphoto admin.
    The main Zenphoto folder
    Zenphoto's installation/update script located in zp-core/setup.php. Usually should run automatically whenever you update.
    Sidecar files
    These are additional files to the actual main "image" specifially for "non image" items. For video/audio these include the video thumb, additional counterpart file formats or subtitle files
    Sidecar thumb/Sidecar image
    On non image file Zenphoto naturally cannot generate any resized/cropped images or thumbs. Therefore a specfic image with the same name (video.mp4 with video.jpg) acts as the thumbnail image for it.
    Sized Image
    The "big" image you see if you click on a thumbnail within an album, usually uncropped
    Custom sized Image
    This can be any image and be cropped or uncropped and be used as thumbs or sized images. The difference is that this does use custom sizes defined on theme page itself and using the "default" value set on the theme options.
    Maxspace Image
    An uncropped custom sized image that is sized within the width and height values defined.
    The general term referring to filename (images), folder (albums), titlelink (Zenpage articles, categories and pages). The name is usually required to create item objects via classes.
    The small usually cropped image within an album.
    Theme / Template
    The design (or frontend) you are using for your gallery which visitors see. Themes are installed within the themes folder of your Zenphoto installation.
    Theme files or pages
    This refers to index.php, album.php and image.php and sometimes to search.php and archive.php. See the theming tutorial for details.
    The titlelink is the equivalent to the album name and the image filename only for Zenpage news articles, news categories and pages. It is used for the URL and independent from the title.
    Unpublished/not visible
    Unpublished/not visible items are not viewable by users not logged in or for users with no rights for those items. These items are not protected and acessible if the direct link is known.
    Video thumb
    See sidecar thumb above
    Zenpage / Zenpage pages
    This refers to the Zenpage CMS plugin. Don't confuse the plugin with the Zenpage theme.

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