Zenphoto Wordpress Tools


    At the moment a very basic WordPress plugin allowing you to insert a user defined number of latest thumbnails from your Zenphoto gallery into a Wordpress template. To show your latest thumbnails just include <?php zenphotos($max, $zen_extra_before, $zen_extra_after); ?> into your wordpress template where you want them to be seen.

    $max is the max number of thumbs you want to be shown, by default this is set to 4 and in DESC order (from new to old)
    $zen_extra_before and $zen_extra_after are by default empty, however when filled zen_extra_before will be outputted in front of each image and zen_extra_after, after each image incase you need some form of extra formatting.

    Info & download (GitHub)

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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