Zenphoto Single-Login

    I have created this hack to cater to people who wish to provide a custom login for users which will take them directly to the albums they are allowed to view and/or administrate. This need was suggested on the forums in the thread Linking my login form to ZenPhoto.

    The hack assumes that you have created admin users with the appropriate rights and albums to manage. Admin users with User Administration rights are directed to the gallery after they log in. All others are directed to the first album in their managed album list.

    Place this script in the root folder of your zenphoto installation. If you installed in 'zenphoto' this file becomes zenphoto/single_login.php. For the page that you tell your users to access create a script that contains only the following:

    <?php header("Location: zenphoto/single_login.php" ); ?>
    The Script is bare-bones. You will want to format and theme it to go with your site.

    Please note: This extension or tool has been abandoned either by the Zenphoto team or its original 3rd party developer but we provide it for archival purposes on our "unsuppported" GitHub repository "as is". We generally do not update these extensions (See the circle icon about the status).

    It is not possible to download individual extensions from the GitHub repository. You have to download the full repository (click on "Download ZIP") and sort out what you need yourself.

    Download from the "unsupported" GitHub repository

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.

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