Zenphoto 1.4.6


  • New template functions getHeadTitle() / printHeadTitle() to for usage within/for the HTML page's head <title></title> [acrylian]
  • Improved 404 handling [sbillard]
  • imagick options to hint image sizes to better utilize server memory. [yaourt]
  • Various HTML validation issues on the backend corrected [acrylian, sbillard, sphoto]
  • New options for search pattern matching [sbillard]
  • Plugins may now "declare" deprecated functions. [sbillard]
  • Bulk options and edit links for images on the images order tab [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Backend pages now warn about possible unsaved data in forms if you try to leave a page [sbillard]
  • If you are using plugins with content macros that generate html, a conflict with TinyMCE's automatically wrapping everything using paragraphs could occur. Zenphoto now (...)

Blog post about moving from Gallery3 to Zenphoto

Our user Mark Headrick has written a lengthly post about his personal migration process to Zenphoto:

Translation tutorial in Polish (Third party)

A short two part tutorial in Polish covering theme based translation: 

Scriptless socialsharing

A plugin that provides scriptless and privacy friendly sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and Xing. You can enable them on the plugin options.

To have it work correctly you should to enable the html_meta_tags plugin and the Open Graph (og:) meta data elements.

Zenphoto URL structure

Zenphoto has a specific URL structure for all front end items we explain here. We recommend to use mod_rewrite but Zenphoto works without it as well. The examples assume Zenphoto has been installed in the root of a domain.

Mod_rewrite links (SEO friendly)

The URL's are not completly rewritten via mod_rewrite/htaccess but internally. Therefore some parts can be changed via the rewriteToken plugin.

Gallery index:
Gallery index, several pages:<pagenumber>
Album (thumbnail page):<albumname>/
Album, several pages:<albumname>/page/<pagenumber>
Sub album (similar for more levels):<albumname/subalbum>/
Image page (sized image):<albumname>/<imagename.suffix><mod_rewrite suffix e.g .html (optional)>
Link to a tag:<tagname>
Date archive link:<YYYY-MM>
Static custom page:

3rdp party theme zpBSH gets update for Zenphoto 1.4.6

More info and download of the theme by adamus04

Or view some screenshots first:

A tribute to the Gallery project

We just learned about the sad news that the Gallery project is going into hibernation after over 14 years. The Gallery project was one or possibly the first great solution for self hosted gallery websites in 2000. It defined the category of "web image galleries" and was there for years already when Zenphoto was started. Back in 2005 Zenphoto founder Tristan Harward noted on his development announcement:

I have a vision of what the final product will be like I imagine it with the simplicty and flexibility of PhotoStack, the user interface innovations of flickr, the power of Gallery, and the interactivity of WordPress all rolled into one great app that should be a joy to use.

Although Zenphoto started as an alternative to existing systems like Gallery therefore, we never felt being actual "competitors". Just like with our (...)

New 3rd party theme: zenfluid

A theme based on the Zenpage theme by JimBrown:



Places the tracking registation code for google analytics in a photo gallery. This code was modeled after the google_maps plugin by Dustin Brewer (mankind) and Stephen Billard (sbillard)


Places the adsense code for google adsense. This plugin uses the 160 x 600 ad block.