3rd party theme updates for 1.4!

    Since we changed a few details regarding themes with the Zenphoto 1.4 release we did one of our quite rare test runs of all third party themes we list on our site.

    We also decided to update those older 3rd party themes that we host to be roughly compatible (an  exception to normally not supporting these.)  We re-added the simple+ theme we also roughly updated. These themes remain minimally featured and are still not officially supported.

    One of these themes, the Garland theme, will become distributed with Zenphoto 1.4.1. It is an adaption of a Wordpress theme (which is the adaption of a Drupal theme actually) made by the former team member aitf311 years ago.

    We threw out a few themes that were just minor clones of the stopdesign theme and the default theme and therefore did not add real value anymore :

    • stoppeddesign
    • thinkdreams
    • highslide (legally an issue anyway since the Highslide script is not GPL)
    • tricasa
    • smooth
    • chililight2

    We also labeled three themes "abandoned" by their developers since the sites/downloads are not active anymore:

    • binary
    • dznrokrzen
    • fiorentino

    Sadly we also discovered that most of the newer 3rd party themes are not yet or not anymore fully compatible currently. Most are just php notices and deprecated function notes but some themes throw warnings and error or so many notices that we decided to label them as incompatible. The deprecated notices can typically be bypassed by setting options in the deprecated functions plugin.

    So, theme developers, please update your themes! See the theming tutorial or the post http://www.zenphoto.org/2011/01/theme-design-changes-in-zenphoto-1-4/ Thanks.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.