Zenphoto 1.5.4

This is a bugfix release.

This release was sponsored by:


  • Fixes broken redirection after successful login via main admin form [acrylian – Thanks to UDZGure and GaneshKandu]
  • Template password form (as used on a theme's password.php) now prints a message instead of the form if you are already logged in [acrylian]
  • More height for admin tags lists of albums and images [acrylian]
  • Fixes (new) translations being enabled unwantedly [acrylian - Thanks to tw2003]
  • UTC (Universal time) is now included in the time zone option [acrylian]
  • Small change in the display of flags during setup [fretzl]


  • favorites: Fixes typo in favoritesClass [acrylian – Thanks to guirala]
  • reCaptcha: Changes wrapper (...)

Third party themes added to Zenphoto demo site

Just some quick info that we have added a few third party themes to the Zenphoto demo site for previewing.

Zenphoto 1.5.3

This is a bugfix release.

This release was sponsored by:


  • Fix serious bug of redirectURL() unintentionally breaking setup on fresh installs [acrylian]
  • Extend allowed tags option defaults to include HTML5 elements and some more standard ones. To get these on existing install you need to revert the option to its defaults (copy custom settings before doing that!) [acrylian]
  • Internal cURL request function now follows up to 3 redirections [acrylian]
  • Fixes wrong supported image type list if using GD library [acrylian]
  • Fix missing width/height attributes on images if using custom album thumb sizes [bic-ed]
  • Fixes watermarking causing cached images not being created. This was primarily related to upscaling working not well with very small (...)

Argentinian Spanish translation

Bolivian Spanish translation

Uruguayan Spanish translation

US American Spanish translation

Latin American Spanish translation

Zenphoto 1.5.2

Sadly 1.5.2 includes a serious bug preventing fresh installs. We try to fix this as soon as possible

This is a bugfix and security release.

This release was sponsored by:


  • Fixes XSS issue in the dynamic locale plugin [acrylian - Thanks to bic and special thanks to Andre Krooss for the report]


  • Fixes SERVER_PROTOCOL constant and related option not reflecting the protocol setting within the config file [acrylian – Thanks to MarkRH]
  • lib-imagick: zp_imageDims() and zp_imageIPTC() now use the same standard PHP function getimagesize() as the lib-gd instead of the Imagick class method (...)


A plugin to redirect internal URLs. Primarily intended for URL's that otherwise would cause 404 not found errors.
URL's are redirected before before any theme page setup occurs. External URL's are not supported.

The plugin supports a JSON object file or a CSV file with outdate URL/new URL pairs.