Another Teaser

    Needless to say, school has started and like I knew all along, development on ZP has slowed. I swear I want to get this first release out soon, but I just can’t make promises anymore. I have so many other things which are so unfortunately more important.

    That said, I have tomorrow off, so maybe I’ll finish it all.

    I have made several updates, including the ability to select the thumbnail for the album from its images, with a preview in 100% CSS-styled listbox goodness. The preview doesn’t work in Internet Explorer, but frankly, neither should you.

    Also included are all sorts of updates to the admin control panel from Joen which I forgot to include in the last version.

    zenphoto 0.6.1 (admin)

    Note: You may have to delete the zenphoto cookie from to log in, since I changed the cookie to remember multiple logins on multiple ZP installs on the same domain (a good thing  ;-) ). To do this in Firefox, go to Tools»Options»Privacy and find the “View Cookies” button. It’s actually harder to figure out in Firefox 1.5 beta, but about the same.

    Update: I didn’t realize how much I would like being able to set the album thumbnail. I find it produces a much better-looking album index.


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