Back from vacation

    Just got back from a wonderful camping trip in Yosemite tonight. I’ve had a lot of time to think, and some of that thinking was about zenphoto, photography, and how they fit together for me. I’ve read all the comments on the last post and I’ll address a couple points before I go to sleep…

    1. Themes – I actually got internet access halfway through (I had to — waiting for an important e-mail) so I got Jonas’ comment about per-album themes, and decided to implement it all on paper. So I did. I think it’ll work, but I haven’t actually tested it on a computer yet. My brain does pretty well, but it might take some translation time.

    In short, themes will be in 1.0, and because it’s easy, so will per-album theme overrides. I think it’s a nice feature, and it’s purpose is obvious enough in context that it doesn’t detract from anything.

    2. I’m going to sleep. I think I was going to have a second item, but I forgot it. Camping got me on a sleep schedule something like: “sleep when dark, awake when light.”

    More later, including pictures from the high Sierra. :-)


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