Call For Translators: Zenphoto Becomes International!

    We've finally managed to implement localization for Zenphoto! Translation capability is now available in the 1.1.6 release. The current implementation requires the native gettext extension installed in the PHP on your server. We hope later to add a workaround for those without native gettext. But we believe (and hope) most servers will have gettext installed by default. There may be still some glitches, so we are dependend on you to report problems on our forums.

    The first language available is German, since one of our developers is German. German will be a standard language and will be developer maintained. But of course any feedback about typos or other errors is appreciated.
    Note to our German users: Die Ãœbersetzung verwendet als Anrede das förmlichere "Sie", welches mir passender auch für den professionellen Einsatz erschien, da ich es vorziehe, wenn mir Software mit einer gewissen Distanz begegnet. Wer hingegen das freundlichere "Du" bevorzugt, ist hiermit eingeladen eine dementsprechende Alternativübersetzung zu erstellen. Es ist genug Platz für zwei oder mehr Versionen (und Fehlerberichte sind natürlich auch willkommen...:-)) - Acrylian

    And for all non-German speakers, so that no one feels excluded: The German translation uses are more distanced, polite form ("Sie") to adress the user because this seemed more fitting especially if Zenphoto is used professionally. I personally prefer that software remains a little formal. Anyone who prefers the more friendly adress form ("Du") is invited to submit an alternative translation. There is room for two or more versions (and of course bugreports are welcome, too...:-)) - Acrylian.

    Of course we are not satisfied and want more. Many more, in fact the more the better! So you all are invited to provide translations. We have assembled a translation tutorial for you to explain a few things and make it easier. Please take the time to read it (even if you know how to work with gettext) to avoid unnecessary work! Thanks!

    Go to the Translation Tutorial for more info.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.