Changes to the Zenphoto repository (SVN)

    This note is important for anyone using either the Nightly Builds or the SVN Repository.

    We are changing the method of development and support of the Zenphoto codebase. Henceforth there will be two branches in the SVN. One representing the stable builds of the current Zenphoto release, in this case v1.4 and one representing the development of the next release. This will make it easier for us to continue developing new features for Zenphoto while also providing needed bug fixes to users of the current release.

    Then nightly builds will now be made from the stable branch of fixes for the current release. You should feel confident of the stability of these Nightly builds.  We may add nightly builds from the development branch as well. If so, they will be clearly labeled. (These will naturally come with more risk as they contain the new development. But typically they have also been stable.)

    The “Trunk” branch of the SVN will be the stable release stream. There is now a “Development” branch where the new development is released. ( When the development freeze is achieved for the next release, the “Trunk” branch will updated with the new feature changes. (The Development branch will continue on as the basis for the subsequent release.)

    We anticipate the stable trunk will reach stasis one or two months into a release cycle. First, most bugs will have been corrected by then and second, it will become increasingly more difficult to retrofit fixes generated against the development stream to the trunk.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.