Dreamhost offers zenphoto as 1 click install!

    We just learned that Dreamhost, one of the biggest hosts in the US, now offers zenphoto as a 1 click install option in favor of Gallery 2.
    "And I guess that also explains why Gallery, the photo management software we offer as a one-click install is SO crazy confusing, slow, and horrible! I've looked at its source code, and the one thing I could not describe it as is short.

    Which is why for our new EASY one-clicks, I've decided NOT to port Gallery over. Not even a little. INSTEAD, we're giving "zenphoto" (notice the stylishly understated all-lowercase-ness) a try. It doesn't allow you to do all the fancy-shmancy things Gallery does like sell your pictures or order prints, but it is super-simple to use to upload, organize, and view photos!"

    We are a little proud of this, since Gallery is a well-tried program, too. And that "missing" feature we probably will get included, too. But, like all things, there is a downside: the zenphoto installation files are not within the users webspace, they are maintained by Dreamhost. This means two things, (1) no custom files including themes and (2) Dreamhost keeps zenphoto updated to the latest version without even having to ask.

    For you Dreamhost users who want a little more customizability, or who want to upload files to their webspace via FTP, Zenphoto installs just fine the "normal way" under a standard Dreamhost account. Just download it from this site and follow the easy install instructions.

    Read the complete text on the Dreamhost wiki: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/V10.2_February_2008

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