Important note regarding recent spam posts on the forum [Update]

    The last days we suffered an annoying flood of spam posts that were pretending interesst. However, their only reason was to gain SEO ranking via the website link that can be attached to the forum profile on our "cost".

    It is hard to tell what post are actually serious and we have no time or motivation to check every poster's profile. Therefore we have now disabled the display of any website link attached to your profiles.

    Since the danger is that we ignore serious posts or accidentally delete them please make your posts explicit so we can see that you have real interesst.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Also please note that we WILL delete vaccuous comment posts as those are likely to be from these spammers. If you wish your post to stay, say something real.

    Additionally we have now also disabled the public display of the forum profiles as we noted that spammers link to those via Twitter etc. regarding the profile website link now.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.