Legacy RSS redirections to be removed in Zenphoto 1.4.3 [Update]

    We earlier forgot to mention that in 1.4.3 the rss handling is changed a little more. Sorry for that. Here is the updated post. 

    The rss links had been changed in Zenphoto 1.4 over a year ago and the 1.4.2.x .htaccess file still contains RSS redirections so these still work. In 1.4.3 the rss links will change again due to internal handling and performance reasons (RSS handling has completely been revamped for performance and support reasons):

    • /rss.php > /index.php?rss (1.4.) > /index.php?rss (1.4.3)
    • /rss-comments.php > /index.php?rss-comments (1.4.) > /index?rss=comments (1.4.3)
    • /rss.news.php > /index.php?rss-news (1.4.) > /index?rss=news (1.4.3)

     The old sitemap-extended plugin url is also affected:

    • /sitemap.php > /index.php?sitemap (1.4 and is kept)
    In the .htaccess of Zenphoto 1.4.3 only rewrite rules from the 1.4. to the 1.4.3 RSS url types are kept. The older ones will be removed. Subscribers to these old links should be informed that they possibly will need to re-subscribe. Please note that these rewrite rules will also not stay forever. 
    Note, you can also re-apply these rules to the new .htaccess file to maintain the links. However that change will have to be re-applied if the .htaccess file again changes.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.