New Nightly Builds

    We are pleased to announce that our nightly build process has been augmented. There are now two builds being created. One for support of the current Zenphoto release and one for new development. Check out the files (

    You will see two different pairs of files for each night. One set (zip and gz) for the Trunk and one for Development. (These words appear in the name after the build date.)

    Trunk builds are made from bug fixes to the currently released version of Zenphoto. You should feel confident using these builds as they contain only fixes to problems identified in in the release. You may even be directed to install one of these builds in response to a problem you have reported.

    Development builds represent the future of Zenphoto. Eventually this branch of changes will become the next release of Zenphoto. Generally these builds are stable, but there are no guarantees.

    We encourage you to try the Development build on test installations to get an early peek at the features we are developing. This is especially true if you have developed custom themes or plugins. We welcome your feedback as well. Use the TRAC system, but be sure to indicate that you are running the development build. You should not install these builds in a production environment unless your testing convinces you they will not give you problems.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.