Piwigo and Zenphoto to join forces!

    This was of course an April Fools joke. We have no plans to merge the projects. However, it's true that both projects share the same spirit and have a friendly connection for years. Thanks to the Piwigo team for joining us with this little fun!


    After long negotiations and deliberations the teams of Piwigo and Zenphoto have decided to merge projects. The reason is the ever growing competition with the big CMS like Wordpress (although their gallery functions are nowhere near those of Piwigo and Zenphoto), social networks or online photo communities like flickr or Picasa.

    We know this comes as a big surprise to you our users. But there is no need to fear! Piwigo and Zenphoto share the same strong open source spirit. The teams also had a friendly connection by recommending each other for years!

    Neither of the projects will be abandoned and no features will be lost. On the contrary the projects will be merged so you will get the best of both worlds so to speak. It will be a new project called "Zenwigo" with a complete new user interface and full backward compatibility via convenient importers to older Piwigo and Zenphoto installations.

    We hope to manage all this by the end of this year. As you can imagine it will require quite some rewrite of code which already started in secret last year. For the time being both project sites will stay active until the transition is complete. But then you all will get the best media focussed CMS the net ever has seen.

    Help let our competitors bite the dust!

    Read the announcement on piwigo.org/news and also in French and German.

    Your Piwigo and Zenphoto teams

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.