Response to Zenphoto Team Change

    It is with many thanks and much respect that we part ways with our former contributor, Stephen Billard, who has surprisingly left the main Zenphoto project to take his efforts in another direction.

    As an open source project, we embrace the idea of forking and making use of the code for any purpose, and we welcome Stephen's continued work on his branch. We will surely continue to collaborate and share resources for the near future, and we wish him the best of luck with his work. This type of thing happens from time to time, and we recognize Stephen for his contribution of more than 6 years. For more personal goodbyes, please visit this forum post from our core members.

    That said, Stephen was certainly not the only contributor to Zenphoto, with 8 core team members and over 100 other contributors over the last 6 years. His departure marks a new direction for the project, and positive new possibilities for collaboration, teamwork, and overall improvement.

    Our main goal from this point forward will be to return to Zenphoto's roots: providing a full-featured, yet simple and well designed product for managing and publishing your content.

    This will include:

    • Re-focusing on User Experience, simplifying and streamlining where possible, especially where interfaces have become complex over time
    • A visual refresh for both the Admin and core themes to bring them up to date with modern high-quality design trends
    • Continued feature refinement down to the lowest level, ensuring modularity and efficiency of the architecture

    We think this focus will benefit the greatest number of our current users, as well as expand Zenphoto to a broader audience. The core of Zenphoto will remain strong: clean and easy template design, a powerful modular plugin architecture, and flexible media management features.

    We're excited for this next step, and we welcome developers, designers, and translators who are interested in contributing to the future of Zenphoto. Our team is supportive, collaborative, transparent, and fun. As always, you can find us on GitHub and communicate with issues and pull requests.

    We’re excited for the future, and we hope you stick with us for more news on the next version of the one-and-only Zenphoto. Thank you all for your support.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.