Site migration finally finished!

    Things always take longer than expected. We have successfully finished moving the site to a new webhost. Besides quite some general time issues and administrative things behind the scenes, primarily regarding the new forum software, it took several days to transfer the domain.

    New forum and new forum URL

    The forum has been successfully migrated from the old standalone bbPress to Vanilla Forums. We chose this forum because it is actively maintained and also, more importantly, provided an official way to migrate even older bbPress versions like the one we used. The forum is now located on its own subdomain

    Since it is not a relaunch (yet), we mimic the old forum theme as far as possible (Theming Vanilla is a bit less convenient than Zenphoto is ;-)). We have limited the categories (= sub forums) to a few we think make sense. Actually we never paid that much attention in what subforum anyone posted.

    You can subscribe to the forum RSS on There are also individual RSS feeds for each forum category that you find if you click on “All categories” on the forum sidebar. Sadly the feed only lists new discussions (= topics) and not new comments within.

    Additionally you can enable notifications via e-mail and/or pop-up on your profile settings. This will then notify you about new comments as well. All user accounts should work as before and you should be able to use the same credentials as before.

    If you encounter any issues with your account, please contact us via our contact page. Don’t forget to state your forum name right away so we may help faster.

    Vanilla Forums uses a completely different URL structure so lots internal forum links will not work anymore. It is sadly not possible to redirect all these links. We only redirect the general location and the RSS.

    New documentation and demo URL

    The demo is now located at and the functions documentation at There is an issue with the functions documentation though. Please read further on

    Other changes

    The site is now hosted in Germany instead of the USA. Additionally we now choose to use the much more privacy friendly Piwik instead of Google Analytics for site statistics. It is also planned to make the site SSL/TLS in the near future.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.