Some user guide restructuring

    We have just restructured our user guide a bit. Specifially we worked on the troubleshooting which formerly was located within the article "Troubleshooting guide". This was a collector article that fetched otherwise invisible shorter articles by a script to create a huge list. While the overview was nice it was outside the site search and a bit inconvenient to find.

    We now have now create a buch of new longer articles to group these shorter articles thematically so they are easier to find. While doing that we tried to clean up a bit and removed some outdated info, too. You can now find all these via the main category "troubleshooting".

    If you are searching on our forum there are a lot direct links to those former shorter articles within the troubleshooting guide that will be broken.

    While the user guide might not be perfect yet we hope it is now more usable. Of course we do welcome contributions.

    For questions and comments please use the forum or discuss on the social networks.